Bicycle Servicing

We can take care of all your bike servicing needs. We don't take bookings for servicing, but operate on a number system to ensure once you've dropped your bike off, it gets seen to in the appropriate order. We'll be able to give you an idea of estimated turn arounds when you drop your rig off. 

Please note, if you have a race or holiday booked allow at least a week turn around for your own piece of mind. If you have busted parts, there may be a longer lead time to allow for orders to come in.

- Whole bike services: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum -
- Tyre & Tube Changes - 
- Suspension Servicing - 
- Gear Tunes - 
- Brake Bleeds -
- Tubeless Conversions -
 - Wheel Builds - 
- Bottom Bracket, Headset, Wheel Hub & Linkage Services - 

Bicycle Workshop Hours:
Monday 9am-5:30pm
Tuesday 9am-5:30pm
Wednesday 9am-5:30pm
Thursday 9am-5:30pm
Friday 9am-5:30pm
Saturday** 9am-3pm

**We can do tube and tyre changes on Saturdays, but the workshop is closed. You can drop your bike in or pick up a completed bike during these hours though.